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Mrs Breckon
Bournemouth, Dorset

“Quality Service, Friendly, efficient and clean”

“Value for Money, being eco friendly appealed to me”

Mr & Mrs Giles
Ringwood, Hants

“Beautifully clean roof, couldn’t be more happy”

Mr & Mrs Long
Bournemouth, Dorset

Protect your roof from moss damage today.

0771 985 3879

Don't put off getting your roof fixed and cleaned

Have us remove any moss, lichen, algae or fungi before it causes damage to your roof. Moss will be removed manually by hand with no power washing involved. Gutters cleaned, anti-fungal treatment applied and roof repairs. ALL WORK GUARANTEED!

Moss absorbs a significant amount of water, which puts a strain on your roof. If it freezes during the winter months, this can cause your tiles or slates to crack.

Call us in to remove any moss before it's too late, and fix any damage that may have been caused to your roof already.

Our roof cleaning and repair services are perfect for:

Our roof cleaning and repair services include:

However severely damaged or overgrown with moss your roof might be, we can help.